10 Tips To Easily Use The Google Play Store

Google Play Store  whose old name was Android Market ,offers the access to millions of applications and games ready to be downloaded to your Android device. The number of applications, games, movies, books and audios is absolutely abundant with a variety of genre. And these will be 10 Tips For You To Easily Use The Google Play Store.

How To Download Google Play Store APK 

To use CH-Play, the first thing you need is the Google Play Store application installed on your device.

Not every Android version contains the CH Play installation file since a number of device manufacturers installs their company’s application as instead, Google Play APK or Play Store APK is going to be the choice if you want to install the application on your Android device.

You will need to search and download APK on Google Play Store form reliable sources (famous Android blogs, technology blogs, trustworthy individuals on social networks, etc.). If you download from unreliable sources, the bad news is that the APK file might be phishing.

If your device has not been installed CH Play , link to download google play here.

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Play store update all and frequently,  you do not have to pay any extra fees when updating the program by play store update free.

10 Tips To Easily Use The Google Play Store

1.How to create a Google Play Store account

Next is your Google account – you won’t be able to approve or download contents if you haven’t got a Google Play Store account. You can set up for free within a few minutes, if you don’t know how to create an account, check How to sign up for a Google Play Store account on Android.

After signing into your Google account on the Android device, you are absolutely ready to explore the fascinating world of Android applications, games and many other contents via the Play Store application.

2. How to search and download applications on Google Play Store

2.1 Searching applications on Google Play Store

Google Play lets you easily searchand download audios, movies, books as well as many famous Android applications and games. Application searching methods are as follows:

  • Open play store app
  • Searching applications using the search bar
  • Searching applications by category

Click the category option of Google Play, choose the category you are interested in and choose the application you want to install.

  • Searching applications from the main menu

You can find recommended applications, games basing on your recent activities, new applications and updates, top ranking games, etc.

2.2 How to download applications on Google Play Store:

After searching the application which you are interested in, click its name.

The application description box referring to its category, rank, screenshots, videos will appear.

Click “Install” to download the content to your device.

Click “Open” or your notification to access the downloaded content

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3.How to add payment method on Google Play Store?

If you want to purchase applications, movies, games or any other content via the Play Store, you will need to add a payment method such as credit/debit card to your account.

Step 1: Access Play Store application and open the setting menu.

Step 2: After choosing the “Account”² option, choose “Payment method”³ and click “Add credit or debit card


Step 3: Turn verification for purchases. This is a security function, which notifies anytime you purchase an item on Play Store.

Click “Settings” > Click “Request purchase verification” > Choose one of the available options.

4. How to update applications and games on Google Play Store

As default, your applications downloaded from Google Play will be automatically updated with updates for smartphones and tablets for users to try the most recent features added to the applications and games by developers. However, you can turn off the application auto-update feature to prevent the application from over updating which may slower your device, or in case you don’t want to use the new update of the application or game.


4.1 How to disable application auto-updates on Google Play

Step 1:  Open Google Play app and choose Settings

Step 2: In the Settings menu of Play Store, click Auto-date apps, there will be 3 options

  • Do not auto-update apps;
  • Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply;
  • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

4.2 How to update applications and games on Play Store:

Step 1: Open Play Store, choose the Menu tab

Step 2: Choose My applications and games

Step 3: You can update each application, click “Update” or update all at once with “Update all”.

5.How to uninstall applications and games on Play Store

Have you installed too many applications and games on you precious Application device without using them? Storing these unused applications takes up a lot of memory space and sometimes wastes your battery power, so you are recommended to uninstall applications if you’re not using them anymore.

Step 1: Access Google Play and open the Setting menu on the left.

Step 2: Click “My applications and games”.

Step 3: Click “Installed” and choose the application or game you want to uninstall.

Step 4: Tap “Uninstall”.

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6.Money refund on Google Play

If you accidentally purchased an application or you don’t want to purchase it anymore, you can take a refund on Play Store as long as you do this within two hours after purchasing the application.

refund-google play store
refund-google play store

After purchasing an application, you will find the Install or Open options on its tab in Play Store. In addition, there will be another option called Refund next to these if it’s a paid application. Clicking this button within two hours from your application purchase to take its refund.

7.Check applications on the Website and send them to your device

Google Play website lets you download applications onto your Android smartphones or tablets without touching them. This feature is absolutely helpful as Google Play website lets you search and check applications in the easier way than on your mobile device.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account after accessing play.google.com.

Step 2: Search the application you want to install, click the green Install button below the application name. If it is applicable to your device, the system will list the permissions required to operate the application. At the bottom, select the device where you want to install this app.

website google play store
website google play store

8.Installing unsupported applications for your location on Play Store

If you want to install applications which does not support your country, you are still able to install it by using VPN. ‘VPN’ means ‘virtual private network’.

Technically, a VPN can disguise that you are accessing the Internet from another location. The point is you need to choose a reliable VPN.

How to install unsupported applications for your location on Play Store

Step 1: Once you have downloaded a VPN, choose the country whose Play Store allows you to access VPN applications, open the VPN

Step 2: Then open the Play Store application. It should be operating on the Play Store homepage of the selected country. Now, you are able to install applications you like.

9.Parental Controls on Google Play

If you don’t want your child to access or download inappropriate applications such as violent games or dating applications on Google Play, you can set up a restriction to control this matter.

Step 1: Open Play Store app and click the Menu icon

Step 2: Then, access Settings, choose Parental Controls and turn the switch to On for activation,

Step 3: Set up a PIN code for parents and add applications that you don’t want your child to access.

10.How to redeem gift cards on Google Play

Google Play Gift Cards are prepaid cards issued by Google, they are similar to top-up cards. Anytime you enter a code to the “redeem gift cards” in the Play Store, your account will be topped up, and Play Store will charge your account as you purchase a game or an item in the game.

How to redeem gift cards on Google Play?

Step 1: Access Play Store application and open the setting menu on the left.

Step 2: Tap “Redeem”

Step 3: Redeem your code.

To keep your Android device safe, to surf the Internet, download and use virus-free applications, you read more :

So, the 10 Tips For You To Easily Use The Google Play Store article has showed you some tips to use the Play Store application. Good luck!

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