4 Ways To Uninstall Any Application On Android Devices And Quickly Remove Applications


Removing applications on Android devices will frees up its memory and reduces battery power waste. Have you installed too many applications and games on you precious Application device without using them?


You want to uninstall your unused applications, these will be 4 Ways To Uninstall Any Application On Android Devices And Quickly Remove Applications.

4 Ways To Uninstall Any Application On Android 

1. Uninstalling applications from the Android device home screen – application menu on Android smartphones

You can quickly uninstall an application by tap and hold the icon of the application you want to remove.

Let’s wait until the trash bin icon appear at the top corner of the screen or above the application, and drag the application to this icon.

A dialog will appear to ask for your confirmation to uninstall the application, choose OK to start the uninstall process.

2. Uninstalling applications from Settings

Step 1: Firstly, access to Settings > choose Applications > Manage applications.

Step 2: Then, search the application which need to be removed, tap on it and choose Uninstall.

Step 3: The system will ask for your confirmation to check whether you really want to uninstall the application or not, choose OK to confirm. Immediately, the software will start the uninstall process and remove the application from your device.

3. Uninstalling applications from Google Play

The common method for Android devices is utilizing the installed Google Play.

Before using this feature, you need to make sure that the application was entirely closed before starting the uninstall process.

Step 1: Access Google Play and open the Setting menu on the left.

Step 2: Click “My applications and games”.

Step 3: Click “Installed” and choose the application or game you want to uninstall.

Step 4: Tap “Uninstall”.

4. Uninstalling applications by another application

Along Android’s default uninstaller, you can also install some additional specialized uninstallation applications for Android such as: Clean Master, CCleaner, Uninstaller.

  • Download Clean Master for Android
  • Download Uninstaller for Android
  • Download CCleaner for Android

With 4 Ways To Uninstall Any Application On Android Devices And Quickly Remove Applications, which are totally simple as above, you will be able to easily uninstall unused applications, and your device will always function optimally and efficiently. Good luck!