5s For Editing A Snap By Creative Tools With Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular OTT network among the youth thanks to the promotion of creative features and photos and video sharing. You can create unique and distinctive selfies or videos for only 5s For Editing A Snap By Creative Tools With Snapchat .

Such as using Lenses and filters, adding text, symbols and stickers, etc. to create eye-catching animations: puking rainbows, face swap, face deformation, birthday celebrating or even animal faces.

How To Download Install Snapchat : 

Let’s download and update the latest Snapchat version on a compatible device to try these interesting features

Editing A Snap By Creative Tools With Snapchat :


Snapchat Lenses are regularly updated with new effects, 10 different free lenses per day:swapping faces, changing your or your friends’ faces in a photo or video into an animal face, a deformed face, happy birthday lens,etc…. Moreover, you can purchase Lenses to use them anytime.

One of the most popular Lenses is the puking rainbows lens, which looks like a rainbow waterfall.

Lenses are used before taking Snap photos or videos

Using Lenses:

Enter Snapchat application, turn into front camera, let the device identify your face, touch the screen to enable Lenses


Swipe left/right to choose lenses among available choices.

Follow instructions of the lens you chose.

Article for references: Read How to use Face Lenses & World Lenses for more information

2. Using Snapchat photo filters

Filters will help photos and videos become more attractive without too many adjustments or background modifications.

To use filters, we need to enable Filters. Touch the Ghost icon on the main screen of the application, then touch the Gear icon to open Settings menu.

  • Choose Manage Preferences in the “Additional Services” section in the menu.
  • Turn the switch of Filters feature into “On”. It will change to green.

Using filters:

Enter the application, tap the camera button or hold it for maximum 10s to take videos

Swipe left or right to try different filters.

Notes: enable Location Services to use Geofilters. As swiping right, the order of filters is as follow:

  • Geofilters: the filter for your exact current location.
Geofilters snapchat
Geofilters snapchat
  • Video-only filters: Filters only applied for videos. Used for changing the mode and sound of the video.



  • Data filters: Used when the photo/video need more perspectives to be added.
  • Color filters used for changing color of the photo/video.
Color filters snapchat
Color filters snapchat

You can use maximum 3 filters per photo (Geofilter, Data, Color) and 5 filters per video (Geofilter, Data, Color, Rewind and one of the three Speed filters)

Article for references: Snapchat Filters – the feature young people are crazy about.

3. Adding text into Snap photos / videos

You can add text, messages into photos or videos to express your emotion or describe the photo.

Touch the photo/video. Add your desired text, then tap Done, touch the screen. The text will be automatically displayed at the center of the frame.

You can add text effects:

  • Touch the “T” icon at the top right corner to enable text effects. This manipulation involves text enlarge, left/right alignment or caption removal.
  • Touch and drag to move the text. Swipe to miniature the text. Enlarge to increase its size. Rotate the text to change angles if wanted.
  • Touch the text, the color bar and keyboard will appear. Choose colors to change text colors. After finishing, choose Done.

If you want to change color for a part of the text, choose the letters or words need to be colored, then choose in the color bar to change the letters or words’ color.

References: How to add text with Snapchat

4. Adding stickers and emoticons into Snap photos/videos

You can add stickers and emoticons into photos and videos to make them more lively and attractive, etc…

Touch the Sticker icon at the screen top, scroll down to see stickers, swipe left/right to see other folders. Touch the emoticon you want to add to the photo, and then drag to move it as you want.


You can add as many stickers as you want.

Swipe to miniature or enlarge the text. You can rotate the sticker by using two fingers at the same to rotate it.

5. Drawing on Snap photos / videos

You can also do other creative things with your Snap photos and videos by drawing on the photo or video.


Touch the pencil icon at the top right corner of the screen. Choose a color in the color bar. Touch the screen to draw. After finishing, touch the pencil icon once more to complete.

If you don’t like the drawing you have just done, touch the remove button on the left of the pencil icon.

How To Update Snapchat: 

Update your latest Snapchat on a compatible device to use the snapchat’s interesting features.

5s For Editing A Snap By Creative Tools With Snapchat ,now you can own the snapchat and enjoy the creativity of your photos, videos, share with friends, and more. People on the social network, wish you success.

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