Top 9 Popular Applications In 2018 For Android And iOS


op 9 Popular Applications In 2018 For Android And iOS
which have the greatest downloads will be compiled and offered to readers of skyplaystore. The following most downloaded applications on smartphone are the ones being interested in, used, downloaded and installed by many users.


With the current 4.0 technology, developers are constantly launching new, versatile, convenient applications meeting all the users’ needs and being compatible with every Android and iOS operating system, the two major operating systems on smartphones. And we are having tons of choices, but if you are wondering what application to choose, it is best to refer to the Top 9 popular applications in 2018 for Android and iOS. And you can easily download these applications on the Google Play Store or App Store

Top 9 Popular Applications In 2018 For Android And iOS :


logo tik tok
logo tik tok

How To Download Google Play Store APK

TikTok is a super-hot social video site, which allows users to share short clips using unique music and short videos with friends and young people around the world.  You are able comfortably express your personality: singing, dancing or showing your talents, etc., viral audios encourages the young to freely create their content. Additionally, this application offers users a precious toolkit consisting of many background audios, filters, lovely stickers, etc. The more special thing is that hot background audios, popular themes and hashtags are quickly updated all the time, which lets users to easily grasp the trend. TikTok is a new standard of video social network for the dynamic and creative young people.

TikTok the music video application has been developed amazingly with more than 45 million downloads on smartphones in 2018 and it continues to grow.

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Facebook is the most popular social network nowadays, it reaches billions of installs on smartphones and the number is growing. This social network recently has over 1.2 billion members and 26 million reviews on Google Play.

With Facebook, you have the ability to:

  • create personal accounts.
  • share messages, video links, photos and websites.
  • Join groups or follow people, fanpages / their interest
  • find names or people by emails, connect with your family and friends,
  • etc.

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logo whatsapp
logo whatsapp

  WhatsApp Messenger

    • Version: Varies with device
    • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
    • Price: Free

WhatsApp is an application allowing users to send messages without paying SMS charges. In addition to the common features of a messaging software, WhatsApp lets users create groups, send an unlimited number of photos, videos and audios to members. WhatsApp is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia, and phone types are able to send texts to others. WhatsApp processes 30 billion messages per day and has over 450 million active users every month.

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4.Messenger of Facebook

logo messenger
logo messenger

 Messenger for Facebook

The messaging application of Facebook is called Facebook Messenger, which allows users to send messages to friends via the Facebook social network and to communicate with your phone contacts.

With Messenger:

  •  You can send photos, videos directly on the chat screen, chat groups.
  • Create secret conversations
  • Play games
  • Send and receive money
  • Send audio records
  • etc.

Around 1.3 billion users are using Facebook Messenger every month, and it is positively reviewed by users.

5.Google Maps

logo google map
logo google map

 Google Map

Google Maps is the most widely used map application in the world by its rich feature set and easy-to-use interface with up to 22.4 million downloads.

Google Maps is constantly improved and updated to bring you a more intuitive experience.

  • The new interface is now available on PC, iOS and Android version.
  • Estimated time to arrival
  • Reviews opinion contribution on places you have arrived
  • Surrounding exploration
  • Addition of private labels to any place on the map that you love.
  • Route planning with multiple stops: You can add multiple stops and the map will update the route along with the total time it takes to complete the route. You can also change the order of destinations
  • You have the ability to use voice search commands.
  • etc.

7. Instagram

logo instagram
logo instagram


Instagram is a place where you can share your photos/videos, as well as be able to view and watch beautiful photography works of users from around the world.

With Instagram you have the ability to:

  • Upload interesting and eye-catching photos, videos: You can select the theme as you like. It can be funny, hilarious, inspirational, artistic, love, etc.
  • Instagram provides a number of photo filters for you to apply with only a touch
  • Use Hashtags to become famous on Instagram, attract more Likes and Followers. Once you have chosen to use hashtags on Instagram, make sure that the number of hashtags is minimal and select them wisely.
  • Interactions with followers: Like, share, comment on photos, and send messages, etc.
  • Pay attention to the hot trends on the Instagram social network in order to avoid losing a large number of important followers.

7.iQiyi24.4 million downloads

logo IQIYI
logo IQIYI


Founded by Baidu – the Chinese Internet giant,iQiyi is an online video platform being similar to YouTube.

8.Youtube: 36.7 million downloads

logo youtube
logo youtube


The application brings to you a tremendous and fascinating entertainment space, such as watching movies, listening to music, watching comedies and uploaded song covers, videos, etc.

The Youtube application also offers the latest videos and the artists you love.

The Youtube application also lets you create albums to save your great songs and to share songs, videos, comedies, etc. on social networks for your family and friends to watch, such as via Facebook, Zalo, Twitter, Google,..

The application’s downloads are expected to reach 36.7 million, especially as users’ preference of video watching is growing, and if it is investigate more, its number of downloads will be consequently increased.


logo wechat
logo wechat

Total downloads in the latest quarter was 28.9 million for iPhones. WeChat is not just a messaging application, but it is almost a versatile platform for all types of transactions: contents finance, etc.

Here is a list of Top 9 Popular Applications In 2018 For Android And iOS most used users favorite, continuously updated skyplaystore.

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