Even Chiara Ferragni And Rihanna, etc., Go Insane With Snapchat

Snapchat are returning to the top line of social networks, even, etc., Hollywood stars and K-pop stars like Tiffany, Yoona (SNSD), Min ( missA), HyunA, etc., are using this hot app – Snapchat.

How To Download Snapchat : 

To download Snapchat, go to Google Play Store via Android , go to App Store via iOS or click:

If you have installed the app but still haven’t created an account, please refer “How to create a Snapchat account”.

Stars’ photos on Snapchat

1.Chiara Ferragni / Username: chiaraferragni

Chiara is an Italian fashion entrepreneur, a popular fashionista who is also a trendsetter for millions of Italians and fashion fans.

Lots of fashion fans follow Chiara and update her style everyday on Snapchat.


2. Chriselle Lim (chrisellelim), of Chriselle Factor.

She is a fashion blogger in Los Angeles. Lim also uses Snapchat to promote her co-brands, such as Estee Lauder and Dior.

Chriselle Factor Dior snapchat
Chriselle Factor Dior snapchat

3. Selena Gomez / Username: selenagomez

She is a famous American singer and actress, and a princess of Disney, along with Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, etc.

Selena Gomez Snapchat
Selena Gomez Snapchat

4.Rihanna / Username: Rihanna

Rihanna has a huge number of fan, not only in real life but also on social networks. She is also one of singers who regularly update statuses on social networks. She has a huge number of followers on Snapchat since she regularly updates photos of her holidays, the backstage, her daily life and the latest announcements on her career.

Rihanna Snapchat
Rihanna Snapchat

5. Kylie Jenner / Username: kylizzlemynizzl

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s youngest stepsister, is one of the hottest celebs in Hollywood.

kylizzlemynizzl snapchat
kylizzlemynizzl snapchat

Following her Snapchat, fans can see her singing with Kanye and J.Cole in the Ferrari or the Rolls-Royce. Besides, her Snapchat also posts her makeup and hairstyling tutorials, or her review of lipsticks, and eyeliners, etc.

6 .Taeyeon and Yoona (SNSD).

These 2 famous Korean actors and actresses also have a huge number of fans on Snapchat. They usually shares unique and interesting clips.

Taeyeon snapchat
Taeyeon snapchat

Many other superstars are using Snapchat.

Why do celebs go insane with Snapchat?

This app is easy-to-use and simple

Snapchat is extremely easy to use and simple. All you need is a smart phone with a front camera. After launching the app, it will open the front camera for you to take photos or shoot videos. To make your post more interesting, unique and creative, you can add texts, icons and apply filters before sending them to your friends.

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  • Within only 10 seconds, you can add texts, stickers and effects to have a super cool photo or video

Protect your privacy

Posts on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Twitter, and Instagram need to be set as private in order to protect your privacy; However, they can be leaked if your account is hacked or if your friends accidentally share the posts.

With Snapchat, no setting is required. All statuses, photos and videos can be chosen to be sent to one or some users. After being seen, they will automatically disappear. In addition, these photos will automatically be removed from your time line and Snapchat server after 24 hours.

With Snapchat, you can post your photos and videos without worrying that those moments may impact you personal life.

No pressure from the society

With Snapchat, users can be themselves and stop worrying about being judged since their posts only appear in a short time and will be deleted permanently. They can share real-life photos and videos.

Regularly update features to meet users’ needs

As a popular apps, Snapchat has unceasingly updated its features to satisfy users.

  • Normally, a message on Snapchat will appear from 1 to 10 seconds, but now you can set the duration to forever. These messages will be attached with an infinity icon. This message, of course, will be automatically deleted after the viewer closes the message.
  • Repeat the video. You can shoot a video clip and select the repeat icon. This video will also be deleted after the viewer closes the clip.
  • Call 32 users at the same time, make video call and group video call of up to 16 members.
  • “Draw” emoticons.
  • Unique filters.

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Snapchat is an easy-to-use app that protects user privacy and constantly updates new features such as video call and message. Snapchat offers a new and effective way to share photos and videos. It proves that Facebook, Instagram and Zalo, etc., are not the only top applications. There is still an app for users to be creative and have new experience. Even Even Chiara Ferragni And Rihanna, etc., Go Insane With Snapchat. Hesitate no more, download and install Snapchat today to make friends from all over the world and follow your idols.

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