Facebook And Its One Of A Kind Features

Facebook is the largest social network recently, which is founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends on 4th February 2004. Facebook And Its One Of A Kind Features has made many people became addicted with Facebook.


They use Facebook regardless of what they are doing and where they are going. It became an indispensable application on any mobile device.You can use Facebook to stay connected on many kinds of device including iPhone, iPads, Android and Windows devices and normal mobile phones.

Download and install Facebook now to try and update the trends of social network.

After downloading the application, let’s create yourself a Facebook account to log onto the application and connect with your friends.

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  • How to create a Facebook account
  • How to protect your Facebook account from Hackers


Facebook’s main features

1. Connecting with your family and friends and everybody on the social network, who comes from anywhere of the world.

You can make friends with anybody on the globe using the Facebook social network anywhere and anytime.

facebook Connecting with your family and friends
facebook Connecting with your family and friends

Facebook is a social network, which is social networking is always connected to the community, and making friends and finding people on Facebook is very easy.
If you want to find a high school friend or look for a family member who has a Facebook profile, you can use Facebook tools to do that search.
You can search for friends using the features found on the Friends page. . You can also move the mouse over the Friends link in the navigation bar and click directly on Find Friends.

make friend Facebook
make friend Facebook

For more information: How to add friends on Facebook

2. Updating statuses, emotions and using emoticons to express

You can share your emotions by updating statuses : 

Step 1: Access the Facebook application, click the bar next to your profile picture on the news feed or on your timeline or in any group, and write anything you want to share, status.

Write status facebook
Write status facebook

A status update can be:

+ Text: You can enter any text you want to share as Status Update. Posts can be short and fast or long. You are

status_text facebook
status_text facebook

+ Photos and Videos
You can start a post with a photo, then add the following text or video. You can even add multiple photos at the same time. If you have a smartphone with built-in camera, you can click the image button and you will see the photo option and the camera icon to capture.


+ Links: You can enter the link in any status update.


+ Places and Location: Status updates on Facebook give you the option to include your location for posts. If you wish to indicate your location at the Place page, you can click the Place button.

status-update-locations- facebook
status-update-locations- facebook

Step 2: Click on emotions/activities to choose your current emotion in the emotion menu such as:

  • Feeling
  • Watching
  • Reading
  • Eating, etc.

by choosing or typing keywords to search for suggestions.

Facebook allows you to choose who can see the status:

1. Enter your status update, then click the small padlock icon next to the Share button.

2. Select Custom.

3. If you want your updates to show only
+ Public
+ Friend of friend
+ Friend only
+ Customize: select specific people. Then, enter the names of the FB friends you want to include.

choose who can see the status facebook
choose who can see the status facebook

You can change your emotions. Click on the smiling face icon to change or click the discard button.

You can add photos/videos, tag your friends, etc.

For more information: 12 tips to control your Facebook timeline

3. Sharing photos and videos

You can quickly share any photo and video on Facebook.

To share photos/videos:

  • Click on Photo/Video at the top of the News Feed or your timeline.
  • Choose the photo or video you want to post.
  • Click on Post.

For more information: Tips for directly editing photos on Facebook

4. Receive notifications for any status update when your friends like it or leave a comment

You can receive notifications for your post every time your friends like it or express feelings with it and leave comments.


You can also receive notifications for your friends’ posts after leaving a comment on any of them, you will receive notifications if there is someone else comment and express their feeling with the post.

Moreover, Facebook have updated the feature for post following, so you will receive notifications even for posts you did not comment or like.

For more information: How to receive Facebook notifications without liking or commenting on a post.

5. Playing games with your friends on Facebook

You can find and play games right on this social network. Facebook lets you interact and play games with friends and even people who do not use the application.


For more information:  Top 5 entertaining games on Facebook

6. Following artists, actors/actresses, organization and company websites

Facebook allows users to follow every activity of other Facebook users: their status updates, shares, etc. on your news feed.

You can follow your friends’ personal accounts and people not in your friend list but they allow people to follow them.


You can follow pages and groups such as those of companies, organizations, singers or brands.


Some pages, public figures and artists can be verified by Facebook and awarded a blue check mark next to their names if they have a great number of followers.

7. Trading on Facebook

Everybody and every enterprise can use Marketplace to purchase and sell products on Facebook. You can find a product to buy on Marketplace by searching the specific product or check product categories. However, this feature is not available for every account. If you want to use this feature, your account must have over 3000 followers or it is used for selling products on groups. Then, this feature will be enabled.

Trading on Facebook

8. Watching live videos

You can easily watch live videos from you friends and any video you want from all over the world.

Step 1: On the main interface of Facebook, click on Live Video on the left menu to access the Live Map.

Step 2: After that, you will be taken to the world map interface, in which there will be countless blue dots covering every continent. Each blue dot is a Live Stream Video broadcasting, the more blue dots appear, the more people are live-streaming in that area.

Step 3: On the left column of the map, they are featured Live Stream Videos watched by many people, you will only need to click the video to watch its content.


To create a Facebook live video, you need to use the Face Live Stream Video feature on mobile phones or tablets.

Facebook constantly updates its features to meet the demands of users.

For more information: New updated features of Facebook 2018

The applications linked to Facebook are Messenger and Instagram.

Now users are able to directly open the Instagram application from Facebook and send messages to friends by Messenger.


Facebook And Its One Of A Kind Features helps you to create and maintain online connections with your friends and everybody. This article helps you to learn about some features of Facebook. In addition, there are many other features of Facebook you should know and use Facebook more. Follow our page for more information.

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