Facebook Messenger – Messaging Application For Social Network

Messenger is an application for you to chat with your friends on Facebook and contact list. You can send photos, documents and files, etc. You can easily continue your conversation on your smart phone, computer and macbook, etc., by connecting to your account.

Messenger has launched impressive and outstanding features compared to other social networking apps, such as Viber, Zalo, WhatsApp, etc.

How to download Messenger

Messenger is a popular application on every operation systems, such as Android,iOS, Windows Phone, macbook, iPad and most of smart phones. To download the app, go to fb.me/msgr or click

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If you have downloaded Messenger and installed the application but have not created a reference account How to sign up for a messenger account

Let’s take a look at things you can do on Messenger:

Connecting people

You can freely connect with friends and family from all over the world instantly anywhere, anytime on your mobile device, macbook or computer via Internet, wifi connection or 3G connection. It allows you to connect with not only Facebook friends, but also your contact list on your smart phone by registering your phone number and adding new contacts.

Messages, calls and video calls on Messenger

You can easily text your friends from all over the world without any fee like SMS. You can check if they have read your messages or not. Also, you can check if there is any unread messages on your Messenger.

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You can make a record directly and send it to the contact that you are having a conversion with, or just call them. Sometimes, voice can help you express your feelings and emotions better.

You can even make a video call to the contact that you are having a conversion with on Messenger. Messenger makes video calls or voice chats with clear and close-up HD audio quality, giving you more direct access to family and friends, wherever you have a network connection.

Messenger allows users to log in by phone number, chat with strangers without revealing their identity, group calling, video recording of high quality.

The Facebook Desktop Messenger app now supports Facebook messaging on your desktop. The advantage of Facebook Desktop Messenger is secure messaging, quite handy in the workplace.

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Express your emotions via photos, documents, videos and stickers

Your conversation will become more interesting with vivid photos, videos, stickers and effects on the app that you can select and download. Plus, you can share multiple photos at the same time with friends, without the hassle of sending speed, as well as guaranteed image quality.

You can easily send PDFs, documents and GIFs, etc.


Moreover, you can check photos, videos and stickers, etc., before sending them without exiting Messenger.

The messenger is a built-in repository of stickers, extremely rich and varied emoticons for users to integrate into messages that express emotions such as cheerfulness, anger, surprise, happiness, joy … In addition to the stickers available, you can also download free full-length stickers in the Sticker Store of Messenger.

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Group conversation on Messenger

You can chat with many people at once by creating a group on Messenger. You can also use the Facebook Messenger chat feature as a way to exchange information, group meetings, etc. This is a great convenience for Facebook.


You can create group’s name, add members unlimitedly and put a background for the group conversation. You can either keep in touch with important groups or exit a group that you do not want to participate.

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Keep you conversations secret

Messenger allows users to set private conversations. After enabling this features, you can chat and send stickers to those contacts, but you can send PDFs and videos. Once these conversations end, they will be automatically deleted after the set time. This feature protects the privacy of your conversations from hackers and organizations, even Facebook won’t be able to read your conversation.

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How to make a secret conversation on Messenger here

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It also has other features, such as:

  • Quickly forward messages, photos and videos to other people.
  • Share your recent location to people
  • Share your daily moments via Storie, which will appear within 24 hours after being shared.
  • Play games with friends
  • Check online and offline users on Facebook.


  • Turn off or hide notifications when you are busy, sleeping or when you just don’t want to be bothered.
  • Receive notifications on your smart phone or tablet so that you won’t miss any messages.
  • Connect with enterprises, companies and brands quickly.

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Messenger – a convenient and easy-to-use messaging application for social network – helps us to connect and get closer together. Messenger has unceasingly updated new features to improve user’s experience.

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