Google’s Action Against Malicious Applications On Google Play Store

According to CNN, Google Boots has detected 4 applications containing malicious encryption, which was found on Play Store by Lukas Stefanko – a cyber security expert. And what was Google’s action against malicious applications on Google Play Store?

These 4 applications imitated Ethereum, MetaMask as well as Tether và NEO. According Stefanko, these application had been available on Android market for a few weeks and they had got hundreds of downloads. They were immediately removed from Google Play Store after being reported.

3 of them were “fake wallet” applications, which imitated MetaMask, collected users’ passwords and directed users to a link leading to the fake wallet; after sending money into to these, users would be unable to withdraw their money. And Stefanko calls the other application as “phishing”

When it comes to application developers, Google reveals that nearly 90% of them do not comply with their set rules and the requirement of notifying users about the nature of the application.

Malware distribution has become significantly easier.

According to McElroy’s comment with CNBC, malware distribution is performed extremely effortlessly – anyone can purchase a malware from the “deep web” and start operating it; additionally, there are a number of malwares even come with technical support.

What do Google do to prevent fake applications?

In order to prevent fake applications, Google has been utilizing Google Play Protect, a security system that authenticate applications on Play Store. Basically, this is a feature that allows application verification on Play Store, which determines fake applications and removes them.

Play Protect offers more secure security solutions for users.

You can access this feature by entering Settings > Google > Security > Verify Apps.

Google Play Protect will regularly check your applications and devices to promptly detect harmful behaviors. You will be notified of any security risks which are found. This feature provides a brief summary of the active features, a list of recently scanned applications and a switching option to completely disable them.


In 2017, the company discovered over 700,000 malicious applications, but a large number of malwares still got surpass the security system.


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All in all, Google’s action against malicious applications on Google Play Store is checking and instantly removing fake – malicious applications to protect users, yet you should stay cautious before downloading applications to your devices, which aims to avoid fake applications.

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