Google Play Music – Free Unlimited Music


Google Play Music is a music store, an online application for music explore and listening on Android devices. Google Play Music – Free Unlimited Music, you will be able to experience, download and listen to billions of free songs in the music storage.


The application has an attraction interface with many improvements and regular updates, which make Google Play Music become an opponent of Spotify, Mp3, etc.

How To Download Google Play Music:

How To Installing Google Play Music:

You are able to install and use Google Play Music on Android smartphones, on Windows computers and even on iOS devices.

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After downloading and install the application, open Google Play Music app on your device, lists such as Listen Now, My Library, Playlists, Radio, Explore appearing as you access the application will let you easily use, listen, create your music library, find and explore lots of songs, hot hits, new trends, etc.

Main feature of Google Play Music:

  1. Unlimited music exploring and listening.

  2. Ability to create Personal Playlists: songs, artists, albums

  3. Listen other users’ Playlists

  4. Free application, no advertisement

  5. Quick and easy search of songs on Play Music, which is based on your favorite.

  6. The abundance of new songs, new music genres, new and hot artists for users, regular updates.

  7. Ability to create Radio stations base on albums, songs, music genres and artists.

  8. Capacity of favorite music collections in storing up to 50,000 songs

  9. Free online music listening on Android, website and iOS.

  10. Every audio are stored online, and you won’t be worried about syncing, storage capacity or offline player.

  11. Ability to replay and play even when the device is locked,

Versions of Google Play Store will be updated regularly if you have connected to your Google Account, this will help you to access any uploaded or purchased item on Google Play and to easily download Play Music.

Register a Google Play Music account to access millions of songs and download your favorite songs, which will be accessible from any download installed with Google Play Music.

Google Play Music services:

There 3 service packages:

– Free package: Ability to upload 50,000 songs for free and listen on every device.

– Personal package: $9/month, for 1 Google account, activated on 10 devices, uninstallation allowed on up to 4 devices per year.

– Family package: $14.99/month, for 6 Google account.

Google Play Music – Free Unlimited Music , providing to you with the music storage of varied genres. Download now to experience. Do you have any questions about using Google Play Music?

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