Watch Full HD Hot Movies – Videos With Google Play On Android TV


Google Play Movies & TV lets users watch their favorite movies and TV shows on Google Play. Google Play Movies & TV also allows users to connect to a TV to watch TV on any HDTV screen.


Therefore, your experience is now much more amazing than before.

How to watch Google Play videos on TVs?

You can use, watch Google Play videos on TVs by the following methods:

1. Connecting the device with a TV by Chromecast:

Cast the video to your TV using Chromecast.
No cables needed by phone or tablet, computer.

2. Roku: Utilizing the Google Play Movies application to watch Roku videos.

3. Android TV: Playing your video using the Play Movies application on your Android TV.

4. Using a cable (HDMI): Connect your mobile phone or computer to your TV with an HDMI cable.


5. Using LG Smart TVs:

6. Using Samsung Smart TVs


7. Using Vizio Internet Apps Plus Smart TVs

Which TV is Google Play available for?

Google Play is an app store for Android devices, therefore only Android TV has Google Play installed. However, not every Android TV or TV installed with Google Play, which are

– Sony Android TVs.

– Toshiba Android TVs.

– TCL Android TV, Z2 model.

– TCL Android TVs.

Main features of Google Play on TVs

– Sony Android TV: you will have the ability to use every Google Play application such as listening to music, reading newspapers, watching movies, playing games, etc., and the most popular is probably the game store (this is also its advantage compared to many other TVs).

– Toshiba Android TVs: using the Google Play mobile interface, so it is quite familiar and easy to use. Whichever application available on Android phones, it is also available on this type of TV. However, some applications are incompatible for television (as they are optimized for smartphones), which make TVs notify that they are not supported and cannot download, or download but functions are limited.

– TCL Z2 TVs: Google Play is a television application, in which TCL eliminates unsupported applications, leaving only the application available for TVs. As a result, its applications is not as various as Google Play for Sony TVs, but mostly games (about 100 games).

Watch full HD hot movies – videos with Google Play on Android TV. Install Google Play for Android TV immediately.

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