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Google Play Store the great app store for Android devices. Google for Android apps, games, and other content for your Android phone, tablet, or Android TV device.


Just like Apple has the App Store, Google has the Google Play Store.  These will be a few things you need to know about Google Play Store – Android Application Storage. 

What is Google Play Store, Play Store?

Google Play is known as the application store for Android operating system, whose old name was Android Market, it was updated into Google Play Store in 2012: Play Store.

Google Play offers 2 kinds of applications, which are paid and unpaid apps.

Google Play Store is pre-installed on Android mobiles such as Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. However, there are some devices manufactured by Android mobile manufacturers not being pre-installed with Google Play Store but their own software instead. Let’s install Google Play Store APK on mobile devices, Android TVs and Android Wears to access and use it simple features.


Being similar to other applications, Play Store lets users easily search applications, games, movies, stories, audios, magazines, TV shows, e-books, etc. It is a great app store which is updated day by day.

For example, you can download Facebook, WhatsApp, Zalo, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc. and other social networks, or download Android games.

Why should we use Google Play Store?

If your Android device hasn’t been installed with Play Store, you will need to manually download via APK files anytime you want to download applications such as Facebook. You will need to search and download the .apk file without any guarantee that every file is safe, so your device will be easily suffered from viruses or imitated softwares that may steal your information.


With Google Play Store, you don’t need to be worried about this, it is the authentic application which is controlled by Google. Android devices may be protected by Google Play Protect. Moreover, Play Store regularly updates new versions of its applications to ensure the security for your device.

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How to download Google Play Store, Play Store.

You can download Play Store to your Android devices and computers in case the application has not been installed on your device by simply downloading Play Store APK for Android smartphones and by downloading Android emulator for Windows PCs such as Droix4, KorPlayer or BlueStacks, and then install Play Store application.


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How to register a Google Play Store account on Android

To download applications on Google Play Store rather they are paid or unpaid, you need to have a Google account to log into the application.

If you have not known how to create a Play Store account, check instructions on creating Google Play Store here.

Google Play Store features

1.Publishing on Google Play

Google Play Store is the connection between application developers and users. Any application is able to be published on the Android app store as long as the application meets every Google’s requirement on content and privacy.

If you are a Developer, you are able to publish any of your applications, games to billions of Android device users across the world with Google Play.

Google Play Store - Android application storage 1
Google Play Store – Android application storage 1

The application also let you carry out application demos before it is published, with Early Access, you are able to allow users to access, use the application or game and help you improve its quality before it is officially released.

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2.Exploring the popular storage of applications and games for Android platform.

You will have abilities to easily access to every application on Android.

Accessing to the multimedia content storage:

  • Google Play Music: A great music provider, a place to purchase MP3 audios, paid and unpaid songs. You can easily download the most recent songs on the market with high quality.

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  • Play Movies: The best sellers, hot novels, top movies with many genres such as: love stories, romantic movies, animations, action movies, documentaries, etc.
  • Play Book: Providing billions of books, you will be able to purchase books online, read them anytime. Users are supported for PDF and EPUB files.
  • Google Play applications: Billions of new applications, which are updated regularly. Play Store offer a variety of application categories: Games, family, education, entertainment, contacts or books.

3.Speedy application classifying and searching system

Google Play Store classifies applications into categories, free applications, paid applications, featured applications, high revenue applications, new launched applications, etc. and operates search queries to help users to easily search applications they need in no time.


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4. Effortless, reasonable and secured purchase for applications and games

There are tons of free applications on Google Play Store which are always available to be downloaded. And a number of paid applications ofter come along with promotion codes.

Due to the competition among applications on Google Play, developers have a tendency to sell their applications in a lower, more reasonable price and even for free. It is because of the incredible number of applications on Google Play, thousands of applications with the same features and new applications released, published all the time.

5.Providing the most recent and optimal games, applications

Users are able to explore applications and games by trends illustrated on charts or the featured category.

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6. Regular updates for games and applications


7. Simple uninstallation for unused applications

8. Eye-catching graphics and user-friendly interfaces

9. Compatibility with mostly every device with Android operating system, regardless smartphones or even PCs, iPads, Windows devices.


10. Providing family experience

With Google Play, parents are able to easily search for family programs, games, educations books for children, study application, etc., which are kid-friendly and reliable.


11. Providing sharp application details

Play Store seems to display an abundance of application details from developers and reviews from users, compatibility, updated date.

Along with screen shots of the application, Google Play usually provides a short illustration video of the app’s experience and features, which help users to get an overview and use the app easily.


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What are you waiting for? Let’s download the application to your mobile device now and experience an extremely innovating technology world with Google Play Store download. You will definitely like its features.

The Google Play Store – Android Application Storage.  article has provided to you some essential information about the great application.