How To Make A Group Chat On WhatsApp


With the development of technology, contacting friends and family via applications becomes more and more popular. How to make a group chat on WhatsApp? WhatsApp has a feature that allows users to create free group chats of up to 256 members.


Group chats make discussions on work and study more convenient. To make a group chat, follow these steps:

You can create as many group chats as you want

Download and Install WhatsApp update  if necessary :

How to make a group chat on WhatsApp for Android :

Step 1: After installing WhatsApp on your device Android , go to the app and move to the chat menu, select “…” on the right corner -> create a new group

creat group whatsapp
creat group whatsapp

Step 2: Create group’s name, which is visible for all members in the group.

Note : name the group : 25 character maximum.

Step 3:  Add icons by tap smiley icon.

Step 4: Tap Next and follow the instruction.

Step 5: There are two options to add members

  • Option 1: Enter contacts that you want to add to the group -> select contacts to be added -> tap Save. Repeat with other contacts.
  • Option 2: Tap “+” on the right corner to add new members, the WhatsApp contact list will display, then tap the contacts that you want to add to the group.

Step 6: After that, tap “create” and the group creation is completed.

How to make a group chat on WhatsApp for Iphone :

If you have not installed it yet, download Whatsapp for iPhone for free from the App Store or click here

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp
Step 2: Press “Chat” to open conversation history


Step 3: Click “New Group”.
Step 4: Click the name of the contact to add them to your group. Maximum of 256 people. Each person’s name and icon will appear from the top of the screen when you add a contact. You can also search for contacts on the toolbar if you remember their names.

Note: You can not add people who are not in your contacts

For more information on group video call, please refer here.

For other features on WhatsApp group chat, please refer:

  • Delete participants
  • Appoint admin for a group
  • Change group topic
  • Change group icon
  • Turn of group notification
  • Exit group
  • Delete group

With this article How to make a group chat on WhatsApp, now you can freely chat with friends in one group to share photos and documents, etc.

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