How to use Face Lenses & World Lenses


Snapchat is an application for social network operating on iOS and Android, which allows users to share photos and videos to their friends and family. You can add stickers, filters and drawings, make changes on your face and voice, etc. by using Face Lenses & World Lenses for your photos and videos before sending and sharing.


In this article, there will be instructions for you to use the Face Lenses & World Lenses, which are definitely unique and interesting.

How To Download Snapchat : 

Let’s download and update Snapchat to use lots of up-to-date features.

You can update Snapchat on the App Store or Google Play Store, or

1.Using Face Lenses

Face Lenses allows you to change yourself and your friends in a photo or video into another character; it can be the face of an animal, a twisted face, or puking rainbows, crying eyes, ….

Snapchat provides 10 free Face Lenses every day, and they are changed daily.Moreover, you can purchase your favorite Face Lenses to use anytime you want.

How to use Face Lenses:

Step 1: Enter the application, turn into front camera

  • Touch the icon at the top right corner (the circle made of two arrows) to turn into front camera.
  • Touch the screen twice to turn into front camera.
use Face Lenses snapchat1
use Face Lenses snapchat1

Step 2: Tap the screen for the application to scan and identify you face.

use Face Lenses snapchat 2
use Face Lenses snapchat 2

Step 3: Face lenses will appear on the screen for your choice. Choose the Lens you like.

use Face Lenses snapchat 3
use Face Lenses snapchat 3
  • Swipe left/right to choose lenses among available choices. Snapchat updates Lenses every day.
  • These are some famous Lenses you might want to try: Puking rainbows, screaming, zombies, “fall in love” and crying lenses.
  • “Birthday Party” Lens will be enabled on your birthday (if you have added your birthday in Settings). You can also use this lens on your friends’ birthdays by touching the birthday cake icon next to their user name.
  • As Lenses are changed daily by Snapchat, the lens you need might not available all the time. You can check again on the next day.
  • Each lens will appear with an instruction for you to know what to do with the lens.

For example, in order to use the “Puking Rainbows” lens, you have to open your mouth.

Step 4: Tap on the camera button   to take selfies, or tap and hold the camera button for maximum 10 seconds to take videos.

use Face Lenses snapchat 4
use Face Lenses snapchat 4

Step 5: Tap the box icon with an arrow above at the screen bottom to save photos and videos.  Tap the arrow icon at the top right corner on the screen to choose the contact you want to send the Snap or My Story to post the Snap.

2. Using World Lenses

World Lenses lets you visualize the world around you and even bring different characters into your life!

How to use World Lenses

Step 1: Enter the application, turn into back camera

How to use World Lenses 1
How to use World Lenses 1

Step 2: Touch the screen to enable World Lenses

How to use World Lenses 2
How to use World Lenses 2

Step 3: World lenses will appear on the screen for your choice. Swipe the screen to choose the World Lens you like.

Step 4: Touch the button 🔘 (or tap and hold it) to Snap as normal!

3. Unlock new Lenses

If you see a Snapcode with a circle at the center, you will be able to unlock a Face Lens or a World Lens. You can even share these Face Lenses or World Lenses with your friends so that they can use them, too!

Scan and unlock Lenses by Snapcode:

  • Open Snapchat and bring you camera in front of the Snapcode
  • Tap and hold the Snapcode on your screen to scan it 👆
  • Unlock Lens from your camera roll.

Scan and unlock a Snapcode from the Camera Roll:

  • Tap the icon at the top left corner to access your profile setting screen
  • Tap the Setting icon at the top right corner
  • Tap on “Scan from camera roll”
  • Choose the picture with Snapcode!
  • Unlock the Lens you see on Snap 👻
  • If you see an interesting Lens from a friend’s photo or somewhere on Snapchat, you can unlock it by yourself!

4. Sharing Lenses with your friends

  • To share your unlocked Lenses with a friend, follow these steps:
  • Access the Camera screen and touch anywhere to enable Lenses
  • Swipe to the Lens you want to share
  • Tap the button above the Lens to display more information
  • Tap ‘Send to friends’ to share the Lens to your friends by Message!

These are some basic instructions on How To Use Face Lenses & World LensesIf you haven’t try these, let’s install now and try these features. It’s going to be fun! Good luck!