How To Install Google Play Music For Android

Google Play Music lets users explore, play and share their music without any effort on Android devices and on website as well as on iOS.  How To Install Google Play Music For Android? Normally, the application is installed by default smartphones, but sometimes it is replaced by mobile device manufacturers by their software.

How to download Google Play Music for Android

How to install Google Play Music for Android?

Google Play Music supports any type of audio file in various music genres, which are listed by categories: playlist, recent, artist, album, song, genre, etc.

Main features:

  • Allowance for users to publish millions of songs on Google Play, listen to radio unlimitedly, enjoy playlists, listen to music to your own collections anywhere. Every audio is stored online, and you won’t be worried about syncing, storage capacity or offline player.
  • Song purchase on Google Play Music, share with friends.
  • Integration with Youtube and other tools.
  • Allowance of Google Play Music on 3 platforms: Android, iOS and website; listening to music on each account, faster and smarter searching with suggestions as you enter keywords, and simpler YouTube videos searching.

Let’s download Google Play Music for Android to experience the music of life.

Install the Google Play Music app without a Google Account

You can still use Google Play Music when you do not need a Google Play Store account, but you can only listen to music that can not load, store, or buy songs. If you have a Google Account, you’ll be able to get more from the Google Play Music app, such as the ability to store or buy music.

If you have not known how to create a Google account, check instructions on creating Google account here.

Install Google Play Music for your Google Account 

Step 1 : Go to Settings on the device

Step 2 : When installing the Google Play Music app with a Google Account, if you already have a google account and signed in, it will sync music between your Google account and the app.

Find the Accounts and select Google Select the account you want to use on Google Play Music

install google play music android
install google play music android

Step 3 : You will need to sign in to the Google Play Music service using your account, if you want to login another google account

How To Install Google Play Music For Android? has shown you the method to install the application.

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