Latest Feature Updates On WhatsApp 2018, How To Tip

Whatsapp is a popular social networking application today with billions of users every day, and has been growing. Apps that work on any device, all smartphones, Android, iOS, and more, even on tablets, can also be used by the computer. You can call , video call , chat group, share photo, location, … on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has unceasingly updated new features to meet user’s needs.

Own whatsapp with Latest Feature Updates On WhatsApp 2018, How To Tip 

How to update WhatsApp

To update latest features on the new version of WhatsApp :

  • For Android, search WhatsApp in app Play Store and click on Update.
  • For iPhone, search WhatsApp in App Store and click Update.
  • For Windows Phone, search WhatsApp in the Microsoft Store and click on update.

How to download Update WhatsApp APK

To manually update WhatsApp’s features quickly, you can download the latest version at WhatsApp homepage:update WhatsApp New Version or via Google Play Store  app to download WhatsApp Messenger beta APKs

Latest features of WhatsApp

1. Remove the administration right of a user

Any admin of a WhatsApp group can remove the administration right of other users

How to remove: Go to “Group information”, then tap “remove as admin”.


2. Change group setting

Admin can change topic, icon and description of a group

How to change: Go to “group information”, then tap “group setting”.


3. Delete messages in a conversation

In case you accidentally send a message or want to edit a message, the updated feature allows you to delete and withdraw recent messages in a conversation.


Note: You can only delete and withdraw messages that are sent within 60 minutes by tapping “Delete” and selecting “Delete for everyone”.

4. Share location

You can share your real-time location with your friends and family.


How to share: Go to WhatsApp, tap location icon and tap “Live Location”.

5. Edit your personal profile

You can reset your profile on WhatsApp

Go to WhatsApp, tap “Setting”, and edit your “profile name”.

6. Send GIFs in conversation

Besides sending photos and videos in your gallery, you can also search for GIFs.

Tap on emoticon in a conversation, then go to GIF and select one.

7. Update new status  

Now you can share photos, videos and GIFs in your status with your friends. This updated status will appear within 24 hours.

8. Hide photos and videos in the whatsapp group

Usually in other social networks we can not control the multimedia content in the group, but with whatsapp you can master it, you can hide photos and videos in groups:
Step 1: Visit the whatsapp group
Step 2: Go to the group settings, turn on mute notifications.


9. Select the contact who can see your story

You can choose which contacts can see what stories you share on WhatsApp

  • Open whatsapp
  • Go to setting> account> privacy
  • Select Status >> ‘My contacts except’
    Now you do not want anyone to see the story you share, then you choose, or you can just click on the person who can view it by selecting “Only share with”.

10. Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

You can read messages that your friends have deleted by downloading the log app and granting read access to the message.


11. Backup data on WhatsApp

Especially when you send and receive video, text messages, and cellular data calls, you can save that data back up. You can archive these backups easily, quickly.

You can backup and save any files on Google Drive , to iCloud , to email , on iPhone, on Android

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12. Make UPI Payments

Whatsapp allows you to pay UPI right in the conversation, if your friend is chatting with whatsapp payment, you can ask the meter to turn it on.
Step 1 : Open the conversation
Step 2 : Click the pin icon
Step 3 : Click Payments.


13.Chat And Call , Video Call Your Friends On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular free social networking apps, which replaces regular messaging and call , video call your friends on WhatsApp applications since it uses 3G connection and Wifi


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14. Share Photos And Videos On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has updated many highly appreciated and widely used features, one of which is sharing photos and videos on WhatsApp. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how WhatsApp works on Android and iPhone mobile devices.


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15. Change WhatsApp Chat Background

Settings>>Chats>> Wallpaper.


Besides, you can set privacy for your status.

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