SHAREit – Transfer & shares files from computers to Android devices or iPhones without cables and Internet


SHAREit Transfer & allows users to immediately share images, videos, audios, documents, contacts and even applications on their devices with another device/group of devices.


And there is a special feature of SHAREit – Transfer & which is sharing files from computers to Android devices or iPhone without cables, Internet, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G mobile data or surrounding Wi-Fi connections.  The only thing you need is devices with SHAREit – Transfer & installed and a distance which is close enough.

Download and install SHAREit:

Sharing files between Android – iOS devices

How to share files from an Android device?

Step 1: Enter SHAREit

Step 2:

Sending the file:

  • Tap the send button
  • Choose the file, video, image, audio or application you want to send
  • Tap the send button, then the device will use radar to scan the receiver so that it will identify whether there are any available devices in the ShareZone. If available, the only thing you need to do is tap and send it.
  • You can choose to connect with an iOS/WP device or connect with a computer. Then, the application will automatically enable Wifi-direct and create a Wifi hotspot (without password).

Receiving the file:

  • The desired iOS device for the file receipt need to access to Settings >Wifi and connect to the Wifi hotspot created by the Android device.
  • Enter SHAREit for iOS and choose “Receive”, you will receive the file sent by the Android device.

Vice versa for sending files from iOS devices to Androids, similar steps are taken as above. However, Wifi-direct is not available for iOS, so the Android device will take this step.

“ShareZone” is also available in the application, after the two devices have connected with each other via Wifi-direct, they are able to join ShareZone to easily share its files to the other device without following the steps above.

Sharing files between mobile phones and PC using SHAREit 

Step 1 : Connect your mobile phone and PC
Connect your PC and mobile phone to a local Wi-Fi network. Run the SHAREit software on the computer side, to display the QR code.
Run the SHAREit app on your mobile phone, touch to open the main menu, select Connect to PC >> Scan to Connect, then scan the QR code displayed in SHAREit for Windows on your mobile phone.

Your computer and mobile device can be connected with:
1). Connect via Hotspot on PC :
Your phone, touch to open the main menu, select Connect to PC, SHAREit will automatically search your PC and establish a connection between your phone and PC.
2). Connect via hotspot on your phone :
Run SHAREIT on the phone, go to the main menu, select Connect to PC, then touch PC Search Mobile in the bottom right corner, this will automatically enable Hotspot on your phone. At the top of the PC, click Find mobile hotspot from the SHAREit home screen, then the SHAREit for Windows app will automatically detect your mobile, click on the avatar that is searched to connect.
3). Connected via LAN :
Connect both your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network, run SHAREit on your phone to scan the QR code shown in SHAREIT on your PC.

Step 2 : Share files between your mobile phone and PC

SHAREit – Transfer & which shares files from computers to Android devices or iPhones without cables and Internet, offers you a space for sharing and transferring files among devices conveniently, and it’s done in no time.

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