Snapchat – A Social Networking Application Hotter Than Facebook


Snapchat is one the hottest social networking app, which is mainly based on messaging by photos and videos. It is expected that 350,000 users will join Snapchat, far more than Facebook.


Unlike other OTTs such as Viber, Zalo, Messenger, Skype, etc., the special thing about this app is that videos or photos will only exist for a short time, then disappear forever to protect the user’s privacy. The only way to save these photos is to take screenshots. Moreover, Snapchat has added in-app purchase option.

Snapchat is available on iOS and Android. To use Snapchat, download Snapchat on Google Play Store , Apple Store or click here:

To use Snapchat on your computer, you need to install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Droid4X on your computer, then find and install Snapchat.


What is a Snapchat ?

Snapchat is a social networking application developed on iOS and Android, users can send picture messages, video, audio, video call, etc., can also draw, add images to picture messages with any contact, or group creation.

And what is different with other applications is that what in the conversation will disappear after 10 seconds after the recipient reads the message, within 24 hours the whole information will be lost.

How to create a Snapchat account

After installing Snapchat, launch the app and create an account:

Step 1: Enter your registration email, password and date of birth. Tap Sign up to register.


Step 2: Set username for Snapchat

Step 3: Enter your phone number to verify. Snapchat will synchronize your contact list to the app. You can chat with Snapchatters on your contact list.

snapchat-how-to-sign-up 5
snapchat-how-to-sign-up 5

Note: Skip this step by tapping Skip

Step 4: Answer the secret questions, then tap Continue and set up by following the instruction.

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How to add friends on Snapchat

You can easily add friends to Snapchat. It is very simple to add friends

Step 1: From Snapchat main interface, tap on icon of the app

Step 2: Tap Add friend. There are 6 ways to add friends

  • Add by Username – Add friends by searching their username
  • Add from Address Book – Add friends from your contact list
  • Add by Snapcode – Add friends by enter Snapcode.
  • Add Nearby – Search and add Snapchatters nearby
  • Add friend Snapchat URL
  • Add friend From Phone

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Why Snapchat?

1.Send messages, photos, videos, animations, audio, etc., to your friends on the contact list.

Besides chatting on Snapchat, you can even send your friends photos and videos with the length of up to 10 seconds quickly. Just like photos, videos will disappear after being viewed. You can add filters, stickers and other effects to your snaps.

Send unlimited messages to the recipient

Send_messages snapchat
Send_messages snapchat

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2. Automatically delete messages

Snapchat allows you to freely send photos and videos, etc., which will disappear permanently after the receiver reads the message and exits the conversation. The only way to save your messages is to take screenshots. However, this action will be notified to your friend.


Because messages and data are automatically destroyed after 10 seconds when the recipient reads, and completely lost after 24 hours, information security is high.

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3. Customize your messages, photos and videos with emojis

One of the most favorite features is decorating messages, photos and videos by unique and interest emojis before sharing and sending them.


The images before the message can be drawn, add images, add stick … before sending to friends, easy to customize, change, make the picture more unique.

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Favorite icons on Snapchat:

  • Heart icon : ❤️
  • Hourglass icon : 💯
  • Smiley face : 😏
  • Star icon : 🌟
  • Baby icon : 👶
  • ….


    • Customize_your_messages_snapchat

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4. Share your story on Snapchat Stories


Share your stories with your friends

  • Create Story allows users to share their own story
  • On Send to… screen, tap Create Story
  • Create your Stories by taking photos and videos, which will disappear after 24 hours.

Share your stories with a group

  • On Send to… screen, tap Groups. Select Create Group to create a group chat, then select members of the group. Create a group chat to send your snap
  • After creating a group, you can find Chat section.Now you can easily share your story with your group.
  • Moreover, you can follow Snapchatters viewing your stories.

5. Take screenshot and record a video

Snapchat allows users to take screenshots and record videos, and send them to their friends quickly and conveniently.

You can add texts, stickers and emoticons to your photos and videos. Filter feature with a variety of options to decorate photos is the most favorite feature.


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6. Make a group video call on Snapchat

To compete with other social networks, Snapchat has unceasingly launched new features, including group video call.

You can make a group video call with up to 16 contacts.

To start a group video call, tap the camera icon in a group chat to invite members to the video call.


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7. Snapchat helps users to shop

Snapchat has added a new feature – Visual Search, which allows you to take a photo of any product by Snapchat and purchase them instantly on Amazon. This feature is available on Android and iOS.


This feature helps users to shop without exiting Snapchat.


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This article Snapchat – A social networking application hotter than Facebook has proved that Snapchat is growing rapidly to meet user’s need.

With Snapchat, your privacy will be protected.

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