Top 10 Free Mobile Apps Social Network Android And iOS Not To Be Missed

There are many social networking apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc., that meet user’s needs. Following are the Top 10 Free Mobile Apps Social Network Android And iOS Not To Be Missed for you to enjoy social networks. These apps are highly appreciated by tech experts and available on all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and  Mac, etc.


logo facebookFacebook Free Download

Facebook is the most popular free social networking app today with billions of users from all over the world. It was launched in February 2004 by MarkZuckerburg.

Main features of Facebook:

  • Post photos, videos, statuses, express emotions, view and share statuses.
  • Get notifications when someone comments, likes shares your post or when your friends go livestream, etc.
  • Join community groups, share experiences and tips, etc.
  • Create business page, etc.
  • Create Facebook group.
  • Create advertisement and search for customers.

And more.
Such a great app, isn’t it?

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Facebook also has applications with smaller storage sizes, helping users to save on memory space and quick setup, which is Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite :

Logo Facebook like
Logo Facebook like

Facebook Lite Free Download

  • Mobile applications are small, but full of utilities and functions such as the official Facebook.
  • Fastest downloads, faster uploads, and quicker view of your friends
  • Use less data – suitable for mobile data
  • Works on all networks: for both 2G and weak internet
  • Works with all Android and iOS operating systems

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logo whatsapp
logo whatsapp

WhatsApp Free Download

WhatsApp is also a popular social networking app that is growing rapidly. As one of the most powerful competitors of Facebook, it unceasingly updates new features to meet user’s needs. One of its outstanding features is making video call with up to four members.

Main features of WhatsApp:

  • Text, voice call, video call
  • Freely send photos, videos and files to members
  • Backup and restore messages
  • Freely create group of up to 265 members
  • Send messages to multiple contacts without creating a group.
  • Update status…

And more.

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3. Messenger

logo messenger
logo messenger

Messenger Free Download

Messenger is Facebook’s integrated messaging app. Messenger allows Facebook users to text, make voice calls and video calls, etc. It also synchronizes your phone book to Facebook in order to chat with friends.

Main features of Messenger:

  • Chat with friends and family anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone and computer having Internet connection.
  • Play games with friends on Messenger.
  • Chat and make voice call/video call with friends.
  • Share your location to your friends and family.
  • Create group chat…
  • Share photos, videos, stickers and funny effects in conversations.
  • Create secret conversations…

And more.

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logo snapchat
logo snapchat

Snapchat Free Download

Snapchat is a social network based on photo message. It allows users to share photos and videos, etc., to the online community in the world.

Main features of Snapchat:

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  • Allows users to take photos and videos, add images, characters, stickers and links to photos and videos, send them to friends.
  • Chat with friends and send stickers in the app.
  • Messages, videos or photos in Snapchat conversation will only appear for a short time, then disappear forever after the receiver reads the message and exits the conversation. The only way to save these photos is to take screenshots.
  • Make group video call to 16 users, make group voice call to 32 users

And more.

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5. SHAREit – Transfer & Share

logo Shareit - Transfer & Share 
logo Shareit – Transfer & Share

SHAREit – Transfer & Share Free Download

This app allows users to quickly, safely and easily share files between devices such as phones, tablets and computers.

Main features of SHAREit – Transfer & Share:

  • Transfer videos, photos and GIF files quickly with high quality.
  • Support formats of video player.
  • Manage offline play list.

And more.

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6. Wechat

logo wechat
logo wechat

Wechat Free Download

Wechat is the most popular social network because it offers many features, such as message, video, photo, etc. You can find nearby Wechat users to connect and make friends easily.

Main features of Wechat:

  • Send multimedia messages: Text, photo, video…
  • Create a group chat with up to 500 members. Make a video call with up to 9 members.
  • Make friends from all over the world.
  • Support 20 languages.

And more.

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7. Instagram

logo instagramInstagram Free Download

Instagram is a popular application thanks to its beautiful interface and the ability of sharing photos and videos quickly. Instagram helps you to express yourself.

Main features of Instagram:

  • Post one or multiple photos and videos. Edit photos and videos with filters and creative tools.
  • Start live video
  • View your friends’ stories, videos and shares
  • Follow any account.
  • Save favorite photos to your bookmark.

And more.

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8. Youtube

logo YouTube
logo YouTube

Youtube Free Download

Youtube is a free video sharing application that allows users to not only view channels and watch videos, but also comment, like, share and subscribe to channels, etc. You can also go livestream anytime, anywhere as long as your mobile device has Internet connection.

You can watch trendy videos, blockbuster movies, funny clips and tutorials, etc.

Youtube official website:

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9. Zalo

logo zalo
logo zalo

Zalo Free Download

This is a social networking app with fast messaging feature.

Main features of Zalo:

  • Send messages, voice messages with high quality.
  • Connect to nearby friends
  • Join any group chat.
  • Share your moments to your friends and family.
  • Protect your information and data.
  • Connect to your favorite enterprises, organizations, singers…

And more.

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10. Twitter

logo twitter
logo twitter

 Twitter Free Download

Twitter is a social networking app that allows user to share brief news. It allows users to chat with friends, read brief news and update news from all topics: entertainment, sport, politics, applications, etc., in the world.

Each tweet can only contain 280 characters, which is spread very quickly.

Main features of Twitter:

  • Update news, hot trends, etc., in the world.
  • Discover your favorite topics, such as news, politics, culture, cuisine, entertainment, applications, etc.
  • Write a tweet and share a post, let the world know what you are doing.
  • Chat with friends and people in the world.

And more.

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Above are the Top 10 Free Mobile Apps Social Network Android And iOS Not To Be Missed Now you can freely enjoy these social networks.

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