Top10 New Unique Features On WhatsApp Not To Be Missed


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications. WhatsApp has a lot of competitors like WeChat, Line, Zalo, … but almost no application can compare to WhatsApp security, convenience and outstanding features that will give users a great experience.
In the article below Top10 New Unique Features On WhatsApp Not To Be Missed


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WhatsApp is a popular app with more than 950 million users, which has unceasingly increased.

Why is WhatsApp that popular?

These 10 amazing features will give you an answer.

1. Easily backup and restore messages

By default, messages on the WhatsApp are automatically backed up. WhatsApp can also backup messages to Google Drive. However, you need to authorize the app to start using this feature. Or you can backup your messages on WhatsApp as follows:

  • On iOS:

Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, select Back Up Now

  • On Android:

Go to Settings > Chat Settings, select Backup Conversations to create a backup.


You cannot restore messages deleted directly on WhatsApp. To restore them, you must reinstall the app.

After reinstalling WhatsApp, when you launch the application, a prompt will appear to ask if you want to restore recent messages. Select Restore to restore your conversations. Then, follow the instructions to restore the messages.

You can restore recent and older messages on WhatsApp.

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2. Create Shortcut for favorite contacts

Creating shortcuts for your favorite contacts will help you chat with them more conveniently. The contacts will display on your screen. Now you won’t have to find them in your WhatsApp contact list.


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3. Share photos, videos and files quickly

To have more interesting moments when chatting with friends and family, you can send them photos and even videos. With the feature of sharing files, you can easily send files while chatting on WhatsApp without sending them via email.

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4. Change your phone number

You can easily change your phone number on WhatsApp quickly by following these steps:

Go to Settings > Account > Change phone number and follow the instruction.


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5. Make a video call

Video call is one of users’ favorite features; therefore, to compete with other messaging apps, WhatsApp has offered users this feature.

video call whatsapp group
video call whatsapp group

You can make a video call with 4 people at the same time, or add up to 4 participants to your video call.

You can easily switch from voice call to video call and vice versa. Please note that this switch is only done when all members agree to switch.

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6. Watch Youtube right on WhatsApp

Latest whatsapp features 2018 is watch : Youtube right on WhatsApp.

Normally, to watch YouTube videos, you need to launch YouTube. However, from version 2.17.81 of WhatsApp, you can play Youtube videos directly on WhatsApp. You can also resize the video window easily. With this feature, you won’t have to download Youtube to your device to save your time and your device’s capacity.

Watch Youtube right on WhatsApp
Watch Youtube right on WhatsApp

To use this feature you need to update to the latest WhatsApp that supports Youtube video streaming.

  • For Android, search WhatsApp in the Play Store  and click on WhatsApp Update.
  • For iPhone, search WhatsApp in the App Store and click WhatsApp Update
  • For Windows Phone, search WhatsApp in the Microsoft Store and click on update.

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7. Send a message to multiple contacts

We usually create a group to chat with multiple contacts; however, you can send a message to multiple people without creating a group.

WhatsApp’s Broadcast helps you send messages to multiple contacts at the same time, each contact will receive a separate conversation.

You can also create and save broadcast list to use later.


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8. Lock WhatsApp

To protect your privacy when other people hold your phone, or to prevent them to read your messages and information, you can lock WhatsApp.

In order to lock the WhatsApp app, you have to download and install the app to your computer. However, this app is only available for Android and BlackBerry devices.

  •  Android: WhatsApp Lock you can download.
  • BlackBerry: You can download the Lock for WhatsApp app.

When using WhatsApp, you must enter a PIN (with the WhatsLock application) or enter a password (with the Lock for WhatsApp application) to access and use the application.

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9. Withdraw sent messages on WhatsApp

Normally, it is not possible to delete or withdraw sent messages, but with WhatsApp, it is. No more worry about accidentally sending information.

Step 1 : Open the conversation containing the message you want to delete.
Step2 : Touch and hold the message until the pop-up menu appears. Scroll through the menu using the arrow keys and select Delete.
Step 3 : Select the trash can icon and select Delete for Everyone.

Withdraw sent messages on WhatsApp
Withdraw sent messages on WhatsApp

This feature is widely available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users.

Note: To use this feature, both you and the recipient must use the latest version of WhatsApp.

If you only want to delete messages sent on your phone but still show up in the recipient’s device, instead of selecting Delete for Everyone, select Delete for Me.

10. Put star mark on messages

When there is an important message or unread message, you can put a star mark on it to quickly find the message.


You can put star mark on messages by pressing and holding a message, then tap the star mark on the top of the screen.

Now you know the Top10 New Unique Features On WhatsApp Not To Be Missed, enjoy these useful features on WhatsApp! Install the latest version of WhatsApp and experience this feature!

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