Update New Enhancements Of SHAREit – Transfer & For Android, iOS 2018

SHAREit is constantly updated and improved with its features. The updates changed the version number of SHAREit into “4.5.48 ww” and its size into 17.5 MB. Update New Enhancements Of SHAREit – Transfer & For Android, iOS 2018 has a small size and it enhances the productivity of the file sharing application.

SHAREit is an amazing application for file sharing, especially important files, and this is the reason why we recommend everybody to try SHAREit.

SHAREit4.5.48_ww APK installation

The latest update of SHAREit is in APK format and is only compatible with Android devices.

For users being unfamiliar with installing APK files, they need to download the updated version and install manually. Users who want to receive the bug-fixed version and the latest features of SHAREit need to install it manually. This installation process is easy to carry out, it is totally not complicated.


Users need to follow these manipulations for installing APK format of SHAREit:

  • Enable the “Unknown source” feature available in the Settings of any Android smart phones.
  • And find a reliable APK website. Or download SHAREit 4.5.48 ww update for Android here
  • Now, you only need to click on the APK file and let it install.

What are the new features of SHAREit4.5.48_ww APK update version?

Reducing the appearance of dialog boxes.

Optimizing video playback experience.

Adding feedback feature.

Enhance and improve connection speed among Android devices.

Adding photo vault and application lock features.


The SHAREit application is not only available for Android devices, but also for PCs and iOS devices. This is an effective tool which allows users to share images, videos, audios, documents, contacts and even installed applications. Let’s download the Update New Enhancements Of SHAREit – Transfer & For Android, iOS 2018  now to experience every features offered by this amazing application.

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